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By Bill Huang

Nov 27th, 2017

Thanks for my teams and thanks for their hard work in these 12 years, which let me have stories to tell here. Thanks for your time.

Cable tie molding process is contradictions ( please refer to this link https://uniplastico.com/cable-tie-production-4-general-idea-molding-contradictions/)

I just have one question, if this time the universal machine is helping you successfully to the molding, and you have get benefit, then will expand your production with bigger machine for more business. Do the universal machine supplier have the machine after approval by time or they just send you one plan waiting for your approve again?

I may say that if you choose them, you are alone to go forward by yourself.

What we may do, please refer to this link ( https://uniplastico.com/cable-tie-production-3-support/ ), how is the universal machine supplier support you in the development?If one business without develop, it has no future.