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By Bill Huang

Nov 27th, 2017

Thanks for my teams and thanks for their hard work in these 12 years, which let me have stories to tell here. Thanks for your time.

Molding cable ties is big challenge and the cable tie is a very competitive business. The guarantee of the success is fast cycles and low second-choose output.

The cable tie looks like a relatively simple product, but it’s an exercise in contradiction in reality, because the cable tie product stretches the limits of injection molding, the material from the head to the tail, they need to run through the long and thin way in a very short time, while going it starts to freeze off and generate the pressure.

So the molding should be a high speed and high pressure process of the injection, on the other hand, all the injection pressure need the defend in the clamping unit, otherwise the mold will be blowed to open.

Moreover, lots of the cable tie mold is long and slim, in this situation, how is the challenge for the clamping units when clamping the mold? Each impact is the great hurt to the clamping unit.

In this difficult situation, you need to assure the cable tie meet the tensile strength request.