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By Bill Huang

Nov 27th, 2017

Thanks for my teams and thanks for their hard work in these 12 years, which let me have stories to tell here. Thanks for your time.


In the cable tie production, you will face three parts costs mainly: Facilities, raw material and daily cost, such as human resource cost.

Facilities: injection molding machine, molds and auxiliary machine, including: hopper dryer, auto loader, robot, mixer, crusher, mold temperature control machine, packing machine. Please refer to this link: https://uniplastico.com/products/

Materials: mainly PA66 and other chemical which favor the production.

Daily cost: such as human resource, electrical cost, plant’s rent cost etc. And as my experience, one good operator or one good supervisor is your treasure, who will help you to keep the quality and save lots of money. He should know the injection molding, machine, molds etc.


More detail of the cost will be provided on request.