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By Bill Huang

Nov 27th, 2017

Thanks for my teams and thanks for their hard work in these 12 years, which let me have stories to tell here. Thanks for your time.


For all kind of the business, the marketing is always the beginning.

Let me begin with some story which I had met,

One client, in his country, the supply of cable tie is from China and one local factory, which is very far away from his location. He told me that from this local factory to his area, it will take 20 days for the delivery, and for him just 7 days needed to reach the most far shop. So he may accept the less minimum purchase quantity and longer credit for his clients. Now he is like the bulldozer expanding his own place in the market. In his area of 7 days, no one may refuse his offer.

Another client, there are one big group in his town, who has a huge demand for the cable tie. After his study, he found that though they are asking for the size is 3.6×200, but actually in the using, 50mm of the tail will be cut out, so according this information, he develop one size of 3.6 x 150, special for this client, with a lower price, then he kid out the other competitor immediately.

Do you have the similar situation?

The cable tie has lots of the sizes, it is very difficult to meet all the request in the market, there are always opportunity. If the study carefully, the chance always exist.

How big is the market and how much area may be reached? You guys all are expert in this investigation, right? Who supplier the cable tie in the market, the trader, importer or the manufacture? How much they are selling.

Our main visitors of this website are the trader of the cable tie or the manufacture of other plastic. More or less, you have the relation with the cable tie or the plastic.

The Chinese cable tie in the world wild market have a very significate position, one part of our contribution. We had helped lots of client to establish their plan for the cable tie.

We are ready, And you?