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Injection molding machine for nylon cable tie

Complete solution for nylon cable tie production, machines, molds and more

About Us

We are offering the complete solution for the nylon cable tie production by provide the machines, molds and more. In China, we are providing our service for more than 70% cable tie factory. 

Tekwell Machinery Co., Ltd. ( former Grantway Machinery Co., Ltd.) established in 2005, the manufacture of the injection molding machine.

Nylon cable tie injection molding machine is one of our flagship model machine.

In 2005, with our introduce of the machines specially for nylon cable tie, we deeply get involved into the cable tie production.

After more than one decade’s development, Tekwell Co. has more than 70% of the portion in the nylon cable tie injection molding machine in China…

Machine Manufacture

As injection molding machine manufacture, we know the machine.


Machines Approved by Time

In the Chinese cable tie factory, our machines have more than 70% portion.

Know how

Our team deeply works in the cable tie production field since 2005, we know all the cable tie production.

Machines, molds and so on…, the complete solution for the cable tie production,

Your success is guaranteed by more than one decade experience

What we are providing:

We are in the cable tie production field since the year 2005.

Complete series machines

From 288 ton to 1000 ton complete series machine, we may meet all the request of the production for cold runner mold and hot runner mold.

The most suitable auxiliary machine

Optimize your production line with the most suitable auxiliary machine by reducing the cost in long term

Cable tie mold

The good quality molds with reasonable cavities will take the full use capacity of the machine reaching the perfect balance of the output and equipment’s duration.

Complete service

Advices for: machines maintain & operation for the cable tie production, plastic resin formula, production plants setting, marketing and limited sourcing to full the client’s inventory item.

Feature Products

Injection molding machine for cable tie

Cable tie mold

Auxiliary machine

About Us

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